What's the Plan?

Get Organized

You've been so busy growing your business; you haven't had time to create a working system for your numbers. Maybe you've stored receipts and have been extra meticulous about what payments you've received. Kudos to you! You've done what your business required at the time. But now you realize it's time to organize so that you can catch the ins and outs of your business more thoroughly. Cash is coming in and out, employees are being trusted with credit cards, your business loan is a mystery to you, you have no idea what to do with big purchases. Most of the time it sits there and calls out to you and you hate crunching numbers so it stays there! Gulf Coast Bookkeeping is here to take that load off of your shoulders. You can walk through your day lighter because those tasks are not waiting for you in the evening. We will organize your bank transactions, add your assets and depreciation to your books, and correctly input your interest so that you can you can sleep easy. When we are done organizing, your numbers will speak truth and you won't believe the amount of sleep you begin to get!

Know Your Numbers

Organization is only half the battle; you have a business to manage and grow! Your day no longer has to be filled with last-minute decisions that you only hope will help. Nor will your time be wasted running to put out fires in your business. Knowing your numbers is essential to building a long-lasting source of income. Should you amp up your marketing? should you take out a loan to add to your services? should you pay your employees more in order to retain good workers? All these questions swirl around in your head and you know the answer to all of them is "yes" But which one do you do first? Your decisions are only as good as the information given to you. That's why at Gulf Coast Bookkeeping we meet monthly—you can know your numbers. We sit down with you every month to discuss what your numbers are saying in order to give you information that is actionable. This meeting gives you the ability to bounce ideas off of us; ask us questions; and form a relationship with someone in your very shoes (we're a small business too!) Feel understood, yet still in control. You're not stuck!

Be The CEO

Do your kids have a concert? Does your health require you to slow down? Do you want the time to give back to your community? These are all the reasons we truly start a business. Money is great but only because it provides these opportunities to sustain what is truly meaningful to us. Why not take charge and manage the business of your dreams; you know you have the abilities but it's impossible to do it all on your own. Find an advocate for your business in Gulf Coast Bookkeeping; we care about the demands on your heart that motivate you to maintain the best lawncare and landscape company around!